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Services and Rates

As a freelance writer for hire, I am here to deliver creative original content to educate, entertain, and inspire your readers.


Niches I specialize in:
Health, Wellness, and Fitness
• The Fighting Arts and Self Defense
• The Outdoors and primitive skills

I also have interest and experience in:
• Sustainable Living
• Environmental Issues
• Beer Culture and Brewing
• Travel
• How-To articles

What you get when you hire me:
• A guarantee of on time delivery
• Content exhaustively written (and rewritten) to your exact specs
• Continual Communication
• Well thought-out engaging content


Ghostwritten/per 500 Words                                    $  300
Byline/per 500 Words                                                  $  250
Print Articles                                                                    $ .80 per word

Add-On Services

Pictures (usually of creative commons license)         $  10
1 day turnaround                                                                      $  20
Comments Monitor and Response                                    $  15
Extensive Research                                                               Varies

If you would like to hire me or have a question you can contact me at ncarr@thepenandbow.com or go here